Monday, June 9, 2008

My Beautiful Granddaughter

Rainbows are nice the way they sprout forth after fallen water,

but rainbows look like rusty swing sets next to my beautiful granddaughter.

She doesn’t know it yet because she’s a caterpillar now,

but soon to come is a butterfly, and beauty itself will yell, “wow!”

Ambi’s growing up, it’s a sight to see like santa……….

and it brings joy to my heart when I hear the words, “nana.”

In her eyes I see pride and hope……..changes like a kaleidoscope…….shapes and colors bend,

But what pleases me the most is to call her my friend.

by Willie


It's amazing that anyone came up to a bunch like us wanting poems for their young 'uns, but there you have it. Luckily we had Willie. This is the same guy who won installment #1 of the Fringe Poetry Smackdown with a poem about abstinence. At the fucking FRINGE.

Just talking about Willie makes me feel bad for cussing.

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