Tuesday, June 17, 2008


After taking a trip to Colorado,
I’m telling Florida goodbye.
Going to remain there
as long as I can tolerate it.
True happiness is moving on
to a fresh new start
and meeting new people.

Never could stay in one spot
or stay with one idea
or belief.
When the Time-To-Change Train arrives,
I usually jump aboard
ready for the adventure.

Don’t know what’s in store for me in Colorado.
Have a feeling it’s a whole a lot better than
what I’ve been experiencing recently.
Don’t like feeling stuck in one spot.
Makes me feel too damned depressed.
What could be a nice sunny day at the beach
turns into an all-day rainy one inside my home.

The Time-To-Change train has just arrived.
Next stop? Colorado.

by Patrick


Sounds pretty specific to me. I am surprised that PSB didn't make this into some ode to Denver strip clubs, though. Remarkable restraint.

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