Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Clarissa Explains It All

My heart is like a gift
Jokey Smurf makes
and you, my Smurfette
make it explode
when you look at me.

Clarissa, I wish
you could explain to me
how much you love me
with just your lipstick
and your palms.

I could have nothing,
house eaten by fire,
car eaten by sinkholes,
soul eaten by chupacabras
but as long as I have you

I have everything that
I need. This is my breath
in a bottle you can listen to
when you need oceans
of arms to soothe you.

Clarissa, one day
I can explain all
the ways I love you
until you can use my lungs
as parachutes.

by J.


I repeat: Everybody else had cooler titles given to them. This one's from J., who I believe holds the record for most Vending Machine poems written in an hour (five). I'm pretty sure "chupacabra" and the Smurf refererences were mandated, but this is one of J.'s poems so it's probably even money.

J., by the way, has his own wacky poem blog: Current Event Senryus.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the Smurf references and chupacabra were not mandated by the person who purchased the poem. I wish I could remember the words he gave me. I do know that I made up the title.

Tales from the Vending Machine said...

They didn't give you a title? Damn. Most of my folks had one right off the bat; it was the words that gave them fits.

Next year I'm totally doing a daily 'secret word' that gives you half off or something. Chupacabra's a pretty good candidate.