Thursday, June 5, 2008

I’m Sorry, But It Sucked, Really

We had high hopes for that girl

She was gold bangal’d and star spangled

She had a line of suitors 3 miles long

And her first night out on the town—

She chose Dirk McDoogle CEO of Google the most coveted bachelor around

It was quite laborious, but we were victorious applying her rouge and gown

How could we have known by the end of the night she’d become the painted clown

Dirk came through and his smile, it grew so we knew it was unintentional

When his date he tripped and ‘cross the lawn she slipped in a manner unconventional

Well, to her feet she jumped

and let’s just say she was pumped and ready to enjoy a brew or two

So Dirk served her a Guinness and as God as my witness she drank till her face turned blue

Slammed down her drink and said “Do ya fink ah could ‘ave a little more, vis is too

salubrious ah can’t slow down”

And our lady became a whore

Well Mr. McDoogle got a clue-gal and cut her off right there

He took her straight home and gave her a go in the true form of a player

In the light of that crapulous dawn

Dirk turned to his whore with a yawn and said

“I’m sorry, but it sucked, really.”

by Holly


Holly's nice enough to sit in the hot sun for hours without a customer and what do I do? I pass her over this order from Anna McCambridge, who gave her words like "crapulous" and "salubrious".

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Anna McCambridge said...

Holly also did a little live poetry with accoustic guitar backup (how groovy and beat) with me during the hour we were kicked out of the Visual Fringe (round) Room. She's very creative; I love her mind!