Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love is a Monkey Wrench and I Bolted

She rides motorcycles
and sure, it’s sexy.
She treats her hair
and it’s like being whipped
with cranberry licorice
as we hurtle down the wind tunnel of I-4

but then there is
the maintenance.

The garage smells like old lovers
and I can’t touch her tools
lined up sacred as totems
on the wall.
Her hands are oil and scars
and she slips the wrench
home around the bolt
and twists
so heavy on the metal
I wonder
how she can be so light on the road
how she can grunt like that
and not be hurt.

“It’s a lot of work,”
she says,
“keeping this kitty purring.
You wanna help,
make me a sandwich.”

by Tod


Custom words: Cranberry, totem and sandwich. Another one for Sandra Diaz. Probably one of my favorites from the whole week (of mine, anyway). Short. Suggestive. Sexual imagery involving wrenches. Pretty much the whole enchilada.


Anonymous said...

wow are we on the same wavelength of what? I havent looked at this in days and it looks like you posted this today. Rocking- I love this poem too!

Miss everyone in Orlando, especially Tod and the rest of the poetry vending crew. Maybe you can do a tour up the east coast?

Tales from the Vending Machine said...

You never know. Trying to square up my vacation plans for August, though it looks like we's heading out to Austin or thereabouts. I have family up in NY though, and I do miss the scenery. You'll be first to see the flare go up if I'm gonna be around, definitely!