Friday, June 19, 2009


The place could have been empty,
the other bodies could have been ghosts
mixed with cigarette smoke,
and their eyes merely stars swaying
in the night sky.

For me to watch you dance
was to allow the fabric of reality
to disintegrate,
threads unraveling
into the hemmed edges
of the corners of my eyes.

For you to pull your lips away,
after placing them so close to mine
was a tease,
muting the music
into tiny vibrations,
annoying as mosquitoes
in comparison to the bass
of my beating heart.

Let the walls have their speculation,
as I will never notice them,
and within this moment
that is as good
as never knowing
they ever existed
at all.


See, this is why I'm getting more out of this blog than you. I get to read over the ones I never had time to scope while I was running back and forth to my car for paper/tickets/towels/hurricane sandbags. No idea who requested this one, and while I'm about 90% sure this is Katherine "Lilly" Ramirez' handiwork, I'm guessing on that too. Whoever it is, I hope this got someone laid.


Lilly said...

My dear Tod, I love you for thinking that this was written by me, because it is absolutely beautiful. Alas, it was not and therefore, as you have correctly guessed, I did not get laid that night.

Here's hoping that whoever wrote it did :).

Speakeasy, that's who. said...

Hmm. Gotta be Dani O, then. How about it, Dani?

Christ, I gotta have you guys sign these or something next year ...

Mickey James said...